The Real Omar Blue

The Real Omar Blue 1
Omar Blue
The Real Omar Blue 2
Olyn and Omar
Omar often tells me
Of walks he takes alone
While at his beloved K-9 Town
The reason not unknown.

Then he said he walks for hours
Sometimes he’s gone all day
To see what threats, await his pack
To handle them his own way.

He says it’s just a thoughtful stroll
But I know that’s not quite true
He’s looking for signs of danger
I wish the others knew.

His pack would be right by his side
Rain, sleet, sun or snow
But then it wouldn’t be that thoughtful stroll
So, I guess they need not know.

My companion, Omar Blue, became much more. He was my confidante at a time when sadness would surely have closed in on me. As a puppy, I realized how lonely I’d be one day, due to his natural life expectancy. As he got older, I began to write about his remarkable qualities.

A different time, a different place, my born leader. Omar Blue’s mighty pack and K-9 Town became as clear to me as Omar himself.

He’s always just a thought away, feeding my imagination.

The Real Omar Blue 3