The Element of Time by J. V. Hilliard

The Element of Time by J. V. Hilliard tells the story of a young girl’s prodigious talent.

Washed ashore and poisoned, Taja Flynne recovers in the hands of a healer, but is hunted by those who want her dead. Her savior passes her to a group of well-intended minstrels in the hopes of hiding her in plain sight whilst they move from town to town.

But Taja’s anonymity is short-lived. Her melodic voice turns heads, captivating the audiences – and the interest of a powerful supernatural friend, Tarot Ranseur.

Catapulted into a harrowing adventure to discover her own identity while staving off her pursuers, Taja must learn to master her own enchanting voice through song and spell before her mysterious stalkers find her.

Will she discover her true destiny before her enemies prevail?

Publication Date Episode Title
March 1, 2021 Episode 1: Flotsam and Jetsam
April 1, 2021 Episode 2:Suspicions
May 1, 2021 Episode 3:Taja Flynne
June 1, 2021 Episode 4:The Siren
July 1, 2021 Episode 5:Tarot Ranseur
Sept 1, 2021 Episode 6: The Hastening
 Oct 1, 2021 Episode 7: Time Flies
 Nov. 1, 2021 Episode8: Silverwave
 Dec 1, 2021 Episode 9: Return to the Ocean
 Jan 1, 2022 Episode 10: The Past is Your Future
 Feb 1, 2022 Author on Vacation
 Mar 1, 2022 Episode 11: Discovery
 April 1, 2022 Episode 12: The Island
 May 1, 2022 Episode 13: White Cap
 June 1, 2022 Episode 14: The Aquine
 July 1, 2022 Episode 15: Violet Sky