Simple as Simple Be

Author David Castlewitz tells this gripping tale.

There was a time when men and women fought the airborne robots with every advanced weapon they had. But that time has passed. The human army has been reduced to fighting their enemy with slingshots.

Collin, a young soldier, once helped bring down one of these robots but such victories, few in number for the past 100-plus years, have had no effect on the ferocity of the robots and how they sweep the killing fields. They defend a specific bunker, if legends can be believed.

Collin is a believer. The bunker is in his sights. It’s where he must go if humans are to win the war.

June 1, 2022 Episode 1: On the Killing Field
July 1, 2022 Episode 2: Inside the Bunker
Aug. 1, 2022 Episode 3: The Roof
Sept. 1, 2022 Episode 4: The Cellar Room