Speculative Artwork

Art – drawn, painted, created by computer, photographs, audio, written… art in itself, no matter how realistic, is altering reality in subtle ways.

But the art here is more than just a slight altering of reality. The art here is presenting reality in a speculative way. A what if… What if we lived on some other planet? What if there are aliens out there, do they look like this? What if the cowboys rode giant racing snails instead of horses? What if….

If you would like to have your art considered for inclusion in these pages, just email us at cwizprod@gmail.com. We’ll be glad to discuss things with you.

Before you contact us, please read the writer’s guide. The guidelines for what we will and will not publish listed in the writer’s guide apply to the artwork we will and will not publish.

As far as file format, size, and other technical issues go – we’ll discuss those with you when we discuss the art itself.



Speculative Artwork 1