Star Greeting by Wendy S. Delmater

Star Greeting
Wendy S. Demater

The elven constellations are cataloged by scholars
Some are named for objects—the Plow and the Bear.
Some  are named for historical figures,
Commemorating this elven scholar,
that artisan, a well-loved king.
All are elves gone on to the halls of Mandos;
never to be seen until the world’s end.

That’s the price of admission to their sky map.

The elven planetarium has models
of the last fruits of Terpilion and Laurelin,
our sun and moon.
The orrery only guesses at the darkness they pass through
As these celestial bodies pass under the roots of Middle Earth.
The complex mechanism also shows
The path of Eärendil’s ship
(he that wears a Silmaril on his brow)
The beloved Evening Star.
It’s on a separate track as he sails to and from Elvenhome.

That’s as close as we will probably get to Elvenhome.

The elven observatory now has telescopes.
A reflecting telescope with its mirror coated with mithril,
A refracting telescope that shows Eärendil’s boat upside down
A radio telescope is nearby,
And it picks up the music of the Aniur,
Harkening back to the beginning of creation.
The disruption of Melkor comes back as static
The elven researchers get headaches just listening to it.

That’s an occupational hazard.

And the Star Kindler watches them back.
Varda’s amused by all of the attention.



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