The Gate by Frank Coffman

The Gate
Frank Coffman

Within this weird, eerie woodland deep and dark,
Is a Gate that opens unto realms of Horror,
A strange doorway whence—should thou choose to embark—
Thou shalt find a place of Terrors ne’er dreamt before.
At first, only the fog! Then strange voices—Hark!
That place is chronicled in our ancient lore.
Soon the mist will lift—then Clarity most stark!
And Vistas that shall chill thee to the core.
Thou shalt find—Oh! Too late!—how far thou hast wandered!
Forever from realms of Hope art thou sundered!
Doomed to the ghoul-haunted mid-region of Weir.
In Auber’s dark tarn shall thy Soul be interred,
In sulphurous Yaanek thy past Life be blurred.

No one will remember thou wert ever here.

Such is the warning imparted to the medium Ambroses by the spirit Dagar Alanpo.


(Written in an ancient Sicilian/Italian sonnet form, after the pattern of
Giacomo da Lentino (ca 1210?-1240?)
Credited as the first sonneteer. – a Lentinian Sonnet
(hendecasyllabic, abababab ccdccd [note: Sicilian Octave—
the Italian Octave {abbaabba} became the norm for Petrarch and others]


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