The Pact Keeper by Rowan Casey

Taken as an apprentice by the Pact Keeper sorceress Eleanor, a young tracker finds himself embroiled in the fraught politics of war and magic.  When the pair pursue a rogue member of the Pact Keeper’s own order, he must come to terms with a landscape of brutality and rebellion.

Cole and Eleanor will face battle-hardened foes, revenants of the last war, and curse-wrought beasts in the hands of rebel lords.  All the while, the question lingers: at what cost must the king’s peace be upheld, and who’s to pay that tithe?

Episode 1  The Curse-Wrought Beast
Episode 2  The Monster’s Trail
Episode 3  The Sellsword’s Prize
Episode 4  By Force, if Necessary
Episode 5  The Scarred Hamlet
Episode 6  To Stand Against the Throne
Episode 7 The Duel
Episode 8 Yesteryear
Episode 9 Stranger in the Wilderness
Episode 10 A Familiar Face
Episode 11 A Hearth in Pieces
Episode 12 King’s Crossing
Episode 13 Met on the Battlefield
Episode 14 Mine Own Enemy
Episode 15 To Be Announced
Episode 16 To Be Announced
Episode 17 To Be Announced
Episode 18 To Be Announced