The Pact Keeper by Rowan Casey

Taken as an apprentice by the Pact Keeper sorceress Eleanor, a young
tracker finds himself embroiled in the fraught politics of war and
magic.  When the pair pursue a rogue member of the Pact Keeper’s own
order, he must come to terms with a landscape of brutality and

Cole and Eleanor will face battle-hardened foes, revenants of the last
war, and curse-wrought beasts in the hands of rebel lords.  All the
while, the question lingers: at what cost must the king’s peace be
upheld, and who’s to pay that tithe?

Episode 1  The Curse-Wrought Beast
Episode 2  The Monster’s Trail
Episode 3  The Sellsword’s Prize
Episode 4  By Force, if Necessary
Episode 5  The Scarred Hamlet
Episode 6  To Stand Against the Throne
Episode 7 The Duel
Episode 8 Yesteryear
Episode 9 The Autumn War
Episode 10 A Familiar Face

The Pact Keeper by Rowan Casey 1