Vernal Equinox by Bill Abbott

Vernal Equinox
Bill Abbott

This great fire burns through the cool evening,
leaving a radiance of heat, a burning consumption
of the wooden fuel we have stacked, leaving only
a large pile of ash by morning, after the glow has
given way to gray.

But while it burns, the fire takes greedily,
sending sparks into the night like fairy folk,
swirling and dancing against the darkening sky,

and you tell me you’re happy, watching, living
in the magic of the flames for as long as they’ll last,
and I know that as soon as they’re exhausted and gone,
you will leave, too. You will vanish in the wind
along with the other fair folk who have joined in the
sacrificial dance, and I will sit, stare at the ashes,
and think long of how nice you felt beside me,
how sweet your kisses tasted, how you may not return
the next time I light such a personal inferno.

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