voyage stranded by John Reinhart

voyage stranded
John Reinhart

spaceship broken spoken spellings
texting homeward hopeful magic
sandhills castles building telling
message blankly blinking tragic

captain spoken motions lighten
heavy demons dreaming sadly
spaceship flounders never brightens
cloudy climate planet gladly

texture tincture foreign fracture
matter science healthy civil
doctors building planet’s structure
future pending human level

urban steeple stable farmyard
rulers councils persons living
breathing hopeful seasons armored
conflict resource joyful given

passing yearly starward seers
stories speaking uphold legends
almost losing spaceship fears
until uphill sounding begins

arrive smoking choking metal
homeward message return shortly
language spoken broken quarrel
insist resist future worry

helter skelter going staying
visions cousins present grieving
boarding skyward elders graying
many steadfast others leaving

exhaust visions homing homeward
outpost settled mettle tested
human glimmers skyward starward
planets watching others nested

first published by Star*Line


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