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Front Cover of David C. Kopaska-Merkel's book The Ambassador Takes One For The Team

The Ambassador Takes One For The Team – A wonderful collection of speculative poetry by David C. Kopaska-Merkel, sprinkled with fantastic artwork by Allen Koszowski

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Print version – 7.00

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World’s End
Book 1 of the Sojourn Chronicles

Dale is trapped on a low tech planet full of strange beings straight out of some fairy tale, complete with spell flinging wizards, unicorns and dragons. His powers aren’t working, nor is his high tech equipment. To make matters worse, a race of vicious, violent aliens have targeted the planet for their next conquest and he must somehow stop them. Or die trying

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Entanglement – A collection of mind bending poems by David C. Kopaska-Merkle and Kendall Evans.

Print version – 8.99

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Villenspell: City of Wizards
Book 2 of the Sojourn Chronicles

What started out as a journey to find help against the Gorg in Wizard’s Bane turns a strange corner as Dale and his party arrive at the shining city of Wizards and discover that they must now travel to the other side of the world. But before they can even attempt that, first they have to survive a crotchety old wizard, an entire guild of assassins, and Zvothra, Lord of the Elements. With lightning bolts flying, wizard’s trying to kill them and each other, and a host of other problems, getting out of the city is more of an adventure than getting into it ever was.

Ebook version available from Smashwords.com

Cover of Metastable Systems by David Kopaska-Merkel

 Metastable Systems – science, and twisted science poetry from master poet, David C. Kopaska-merkel

ebook format – 2.99
Print version – 9.99

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Book 3: Wizards and Wanderers
Book 3 of the Sojourn Chronicles

After leaving Villenspell far behind them, Dale and his crew of misfit adventurers head for the ocean with the intention of sailing over the sea and eventually reaching King Yaybar’s lands. But the world has other plans for them. After very nearly not escaping the clutches of a nefarious necromancer they find themselves trapped far underground in an ancient dwarven mine. Bereft of their horses, running low on food and water, and still being chased by Gorg, they stumble upon a ray of hope… an ancient outpost that appears to still be active. The problem is, a massive stone Golem stands between them and the outpost, and it has only one thing on its mind – stomp on anything that moves!

Ebook version available from Smashwords.com

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Recalibrating the Future by Herb Kauderer

A book of science fiction poetry that’ll make you think and wonder.

175 pages

print version – 20.00

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Army of Misfits
Book 4 of the Sojourn Chronicles

The company has arrived at long last to what the inhabitants of the world call The Barrier. A strange magical field that ripples around the tops of the mountains encircling King Yaybar’s lands. But unfortunately, the magic is so intense that nothing can pass through it and yet live. Yet the Gorg are massing on the other side of the barrier, and beginning their march toward the king. Somehow the small group of misfit adventurers have to find a way past the barrier or die trying. And dying is not an option.

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The Lost Lands
Book 5 of the Sojourn Chronicles

Lost Lands is the fifth book in the six book series that follows Dale and his small group of intrepid adventurers as they struggle to save the world in a race against time. The barrier mountains are safely behind them, but the journey is far from over. And to make matters worse, Aerline is fast approaching her time to give birth. Can they reach King Yaybar before the Gorg do? Or will they find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere with a newborn baby and piles of dirty diapers while civilization crumbles.

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World’s End
Book 6 of the Sojourn Chronicles

The company has reached the goal – King Yaybar’s castle. But the Gorg are still on the loose and Royce has vanished into the heart of the city with Aerline’s newborn baby. With everything on a collision course with a heart-stopping climax that is far from certain, the last thing anyone expects is for Magister Rommalt to make a sudden appearance in the heart of the lost lands. Yet appear he does – with disaster following in his wake.

Ebook version available from Smashwords.com

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