Winged Demands

Master Ikthan entered the home of Tanu and Katja. He found Sunar already in the other room, engrossed in playing with his blocks, and Dr. Soren waiting.

Katja started to speak, but hesitated, exchanged a look with her husband, and Tanu spoke, “We may as well get directly to the point. We all know that those wings have to go. Nothing which has been done has had effect, and it seems he will never be able to control all of those limbs at once.”

The words hung in the air, and all eyes turned to Dr. Soren, the question unasked yet ringing loudly in the air, “Yes, it can be done easily enough, though not here and not by me. Those joints are far from simple, and extracting them without doing collateral damage will require a highly trained micro-surgeon, possibly even a machine.”

Dr. Soren held up a hand, and gave a soft smile, “There is nothing to be concerned about. Limb amputation is not an uncommon surgery, and there are surgeons who specialize in unusual cases such as this. Between those surgeons to do the work, the clerics on hand to assist the healing, the training you have given him, and your own ki work with the boy, there will barely even be any scaring. The operation itself is safe. I could do it safely here, for that matter, and the chances of secondary damage would be very low. With a skilled surgeon and clerical assist, however, there will be nothing to fear. We can…”

“NO! Mine!” The small voice had come from near the floor, and all four adults turned. Master Ikthan felt a moment of shame in that he had allowed his surprise to show, though only for a moment, then looked down to find Sunar next to the kitchen counter.

The boy’s feet were planted shoulder width apart, the lower tips of his wings clutched defiantly in small fists at the end of ramrod straight arms. Ikthan realized with a certain bemusement that this made twice in less than three years that someone had managed to sneak up on him. It seemed that Sunar had learned some lessons well from his mother. Including, it unfortunately appeared, her stubbornness.

It took the other adults a few moments longer to recover, so he slipped off of his chair and reached out to the child who had begun to quiver with rage. He put his most paternal smile upon his face and spoke gently, “Sunar, you know we care for you, and only want to do for you what is best.”

Sunar took a step back, and a part of Ikthan’s mind registered the fact that the boy did not falter a bit. Then the boy yelled, angry black arms pumping up and down, shaking his wings in emphasis, “Mine! Mine!”

Ikthan moved forward slowly, measured his pace to only a fraction faster than Sunars. The boy’s face began to redden, even through the dark sheen of his complexion. Ikthan allowed his tone to harden slightly, but kept the compassion on his face, “My boy, calm down. We will not hurt you. You don’t understand, let us sit and talk for a while, and maybe Uncle Ikthan, or Dr. Soran can explain…”

Sunar shook his head, “You will not!” The world went white for a moment as he took a bold, half step forward, puffed his chest with an immense lung full of air, and nearly unhinged his jaw to scream, “MINE!!”.

Master Ikthan blinked rapidly to clear his head, and fought to clear the ringing sound from his ears. He felt, more than heard, someone fall to the ground behind him, turned to see that Dr. Soren had half fallen and half sat down, mumbling something about a sonic breath weapon. A glance showed Tanu still seated on the kitchen counter, held in place by a white-knuckle grip, and Katja leaning, dazed, against that same counter. Blood to trickled from her ear.

No one seemed to have been harmed, but he had to move quickly, and gently, to prevent the toddler from doing it again.

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  1. TerraBane says:

    The writing is wonderful.
    BUT I don’t like the way the author is turning this story at all regarding the wings. In my not so humble experience doing traumatic things to any “young” mind leaves scars and the younger a person is the more they learn to distrust and hate others and protect themselves from others by disambiguation and sometimes by more violent means.
    The way this alien child could grow up to be kind to anyone would be to have intense therapy.
    Well that’s my opinion.

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