you can’t know by Claire Beeli

sweet song,





where will

               the chick fall?



              or down?


that answer waits

              in fog.



             without fear,

             without hope.


you can’t know.


you can’t know

            until the fog lifts.


until sun-beams

              pour like waterfalls

              through gray thick.


until you can look

              up to

              weightless kite flight,


              and watch as

             wings wink into stars.


until you can look

              down to

             the broken bone-mess,


             and wait for

             sweetness to sink.


About the Author

Claire Beeli is an emerging writer from Long Beach, California. Her work is published or is forthcoming in Block Party Lit, Polyphony Lit, and The Apprentice Writer, among others. She is her city’s 2023-2024 Youth Poet Laureate. Her writing has been recognized by the Scholastic Foundation, Columbia College Chicago, The New York Times Learning Network, and others.


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