He Who Rides a Pony

Since the de Proculo family was overthrown in 1623, the Republic of Stagno has suffered under the increasingly decadent rule of the Darsa family. But now, a member of the ruling family named Amadeo wants to end their tyranny, and to do it, he needs the help of the narrator, whose late father was a de Proculo who fled to our universe to avoid murder at the hands of the Darsas.

Driven by his own ideals and desire to honor his father’s legacy, the narrator accompanies Amadeo to his world to join his effort. He sees things that disturb him, but what revolution isn’t bloody and messy? And besides, Amadeo always has assurances and sympathies at the ready to assuage his concerns. But gradually, he realizes that Amadeo’s vision for the republic is very different from his – and none of it is good.

This serial is a continuation of a previously published story, Grossetto.

Jan 1, 2022 Amadeo’s Real Aims
Feb. 1, 2022 Piece of Eight
March 1, 2022 From Seattle to the Republic of Venice
April 1, 2022 Welcome to Stagno
May 1, 2022 Making Plans
June 1, 2022 Change of Heart
July 1, 2022 A Nation Returns to Greatness
  Episode 8: Peaceful Transfer of Power
  Episode 9: Part of the Family
  Episode 10: Long Live Amadeo!
  Episode 11: A Proud Citizen
  Episode 12: Pull of the Lever
  Episode 13: Mio Signore
  Episode 14: Double Eagle