Altered Reality Magazine is proud to present the following serial stories. Each serial is composed of episodes, and each episode will appear on a set schedule. Check the serial to find out its specific appearance schedule.

Completed: Serialized stories in this section are complete and no more episodes will be added.

Dangerous Games – Penned by JM Williams, this action-packed adventure follows members of the Marudal City Watch as they work to take down a brutal gambling ring plaguing their district. Sword and Sorcery genre

Omar Blue and K9-Town – In the Land of the Unknown – Written by Olyn Warfield, this story follows Doberman Omar Blue, his pack and their amazing adventures.  Fantasy genre

Armor – Written by JD Baker, the tale concerns Binyelum, a Ndi Igbo girl living in what was once northeastern Nigeria. Earth has changed, and her future, and perhaps what is left of humanity’s, hang in the balance.

Unfeet – Written by Alex Valdiers, this tells the story of a future where people decide to remove their feet for cosmetic reasons, how the city adapts, and turns those who resist into an endangered minority. 

The Adventures of Dani Botswana – A tie-in series set in the same space-gunslinging universe as Alex Valdiers’ novel A Wolf In Space. The serial features brand new lead characters and visits existing characters from the novel.

Guilt TripA 6-part horror serial by Sarah McKnight that alternates between a sunny hiking trip with two friends and the grim future that follows.

Ongoing: Serialized stories in this section are still growing with episodes added at least once a month.

Sunar: Dragon Monk – Written by Fearadhach MecRaudri, it tells the tail of an orphan who finds a home, and a future, despite his uniqueness. Fantasy genre

Eve Pixiedrowner and the Micean Council – Created by Jim Davies, this charming tale follows the adventure of Eve Pixiedrowner – a small, unassuming mouse – and her adventures. Fantasy genre

The Pact Keeper – Mandated to keep powerful weapons out of the wrong hands, two Pact Keeper mages trail their quarry.  Suspense and danger are the order of the day in this series by Rowan Casey. Sword and Sorcery genre

Sphere – Written by Sme, the story reveals the bizarre changes a small town faces when the unexplained befalls them.

He Who Rides a Pony -Written by Alaric DeArment, the story follows a man who joins a revolution in a long-suffering country in a parallel world, but finds himself manipulated into something far more horrifying. A must read Dystopian fantasy.

Simple as Simple BeMen and women once fought the airborne robots with every advanced weapon they had. Now they fight with slingshots and cunning. As told by David Castlewitz.

Aisling’s BargainA fantasy written by Mason Kennedy involving a deal with a fae. This story will be four parts in total.
The Curse of the Ebon Maw – In the space between spaces an evil so ancient even the gods have forgotten it stirs. All that stands between it and oblivion are a clumsy knight, a displaced duchess, an outcast priest, and a hermit that would rather be a cat. Together with their allies, they alone can stop this long forgotten demon, and defend the world against ever growing threats.