Altered Reality Magazine is proud to present the following serial stories. Each serial is composed of episodes, and each episode will appear on a set schedule. Check the serial to find out it’s specific appearance schedule.

Sunar: Dragon Monk – Written by Fearadhach MecRaudri, it tells the tail of an orphan who finds a home, and a future, despite his uniqueness.

Eve Pixiedrowner and the Micean Council – Created by Jim Davies, this charming tale follows the adventure of Eve Pixiedrowner – a small, unassuming mouse – and her adventures.

Dangerous Games – Penned by JM Williams, this action-packed adventure follows members of the Marudal City Watch as they work to take down a brutal gambling ring plaguing their district.

Omar Blue and K9-Town – In the Land of the Unknown – Written by Olyn Warfield, this story follows Doberman Omar Blue, his pack and their amazing adventures. 

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