Sphere by Sme

Sphere by Sme 1

Extraordinary things are happening in the small town of Peoria, and in her journey to solve the mystery, Carrie is going to discover more than she ever thought possible. From unexplained incidents to wondrous new places, this tale will take you on an adventure into the peculiar lands of the Sphere.

Sphere is an serial story, with a new episode appearing in Altered Reality every month. Be sure not to miss one installment of this grand adventure!


Jan. 1, 2021 Broken Ground
Feb 1, 2021 Icy Breeze
March 1, 2021 Peak Mystery
April 1, 2021 The Edge
May 1, 2021 To Be Announced
June 1, 2021 To Be Announced


Sphere by Sme 2