Altered Reality Magazine Authors

Authors 1 CrystalwizardThe Sojourn Chronicles. The House, The Adventure Gustavo Bondoni in black and white.
Gustavo Bondoni – Tenth OrbitDarkness EndsInterplanetary BicyclesPride and Joy, PlansSiegeIncursion: Chapter 1
Lyn McConchie and friend Lyn McConchie – Letters HomeThe Books of HothThe Sedra AnomalyThe Office of Special Claims,Better Off, Green EyesHonor’s ChoiceRedemptionTreasureBath Salts and BedlamWith Brazen TongueNight in the City,TruantErnestThe Last TigerThe Facilitator FearadhachMecRaudri
 Fearadhach MecRaudri – Sunar: Dragon Monk, If Only, True Believers
Neil Neil Q. Green – Geppeeto’s RedemptionThe Battle Ward richard-h-fay-bio-photo
Richard H. Fay – Father Ryan’s Fright,Speculative Fiction: Past, Present, and FutureThe Good and the Bad of CritiquesThe Darker Side of Fairy LoreThe Alp and the SchrattlSome Arms and Armour Terms and FactsRobert the BruceEdward IV
 cb-biopic CB Droege – Last Girl Daniel R Jones and wife Daniel R. Jones – The Sneeze

Authors 2

John C. MannoneMatthew’s Diary Author Diana Davis
Diana Davis – Satyrday Night Special
Poet Kendall Evans Kendall Evans – Unquestionably a Moon or an Asteroid, The Fattest Cat’s Car Keys, The Singularity Authors 3
Mileva Anastasiadou – Chronicle of a Friendship Doomed
Authors 4 Jim DaviesEve Pixiedrowner,Unstole It Headshot of Alan Katerinsky Alan Katerinsky – Commission

Authors 5

David CastlewitzWinner Winner Authors 6
Bryan Aiello – A Fold in Time
Headshot of Herb Kauderer  Herb KaudererCampaign Platform, Criminal Evolutions, Typographical Archvillain, Misdirection in Oz Author Jason DeGray Jason DeGray – Vortex Blues
 Author Ed Ahern  Ed AhernWooing Wohpe, The Adventures of Rabbit, Baba Yaga, Why the Sea is Salt Authors 7 Col H Aalberry – Mister Sunshine
Authors 8 Rob DinsmoorSelfies Authors 9 Gary Clifton – Officer Rosie
Authors 10 Ada Fetters – Outside the SituationOutside the Situation: Achromatic Afterlife Authors 11
Gary Inbinder – Nemo on the ShoreDoppelganger in the Loop
Authors 12 Christopher Kell Larrs’ Ghost,Escape Pod Authors 13
J.S. Helgerson – Aristotles of Flesh and Bone
Authors 14 Jodi RizzottoAngry Man Authors 15
Lisa Pais – The Time Capsule
Authors 16  Salvador J. Ojeda – Oaths Authors 17 Pete Alex Harris – Forecast
Authors 18 Mark Joseph KevlockSelf-correcting
Authors 19
T. L. Simpson – Fortune
Headshot of Tryee Campbell Tyree Campbell Dj Vie Authors 20
Demetrios Matsakis – BeyondThe Martians
Authors 21 Jonathan BowermanFor this; therefore, I die, Charles and the Dodo,Visiting Memories
Authors 22
Eric S. Brown – Ramblings of a Lifelong Comic Addict
Authors 23 Steve Carr Speeding Toward Oblivion Authors 24
Charlie Cole – Interview with a Sea MonsterGreetings From My Side of the Veil
Headshot of Author David Barber  David BarberRagnarok. Leviathan, Area 51, Tuesdays in Heaven, Fire and Ice, Anglish, Late Flowering, Fictional Mode, The Bellatrix, Morgan and the Wildfire Meme Authors 25
Roger Ley – Crash Dummy
Authors 26 J.H. Malone Earth Tours: Submerged Authors 27
Thomas Zman – Genesis
Authors 28 Toshiya KameiThe Parting of the White and Black Authors 29
Massimo Soumaré – L’addio del bianco e del nero
Authors 30 Maura YzmoreTroo Racoon Image of author William Joseph Roberts
William Jospeh Roberts – The Final Twilight
Authors 31 David Powell Hail to the Vestal Authors 32
David Batteiger – The Keepsaker
Author Dee Caples Dee CaplesWipires, A Good Witch or a Bad Witch?, If You Can’t Beat HIm…, Tux, The Minstrel’s Secret Author Steve Bartholomew
Steve Bartholomew – HezzieThe Nugget
Authors 33 Sme – Crossing Svara, The Great Gorge,The Three Islands (part 1), The Three Islands (part 2), Chain of Memories Author Michael Ehart being thoughtful
Michael Ehart – Drunk in the Afterlife
Authors 34


Charles A. GramlichA Tale Worth Telling Author JM Williams
JM Williams – Dangerous Games
author Dan Rice Dan RiceSabotage Ray with cat Luna
Raymond Lane – :Pysbie and Thiramus
Authors 35
Robert Stout Ass Hat Author Christopher Ramos
Christopher Ramos – Apotheosis

Author Ben Coppin

Ben Coppin Failure to Communicate, Life Changing Author Coleman Bomar
Coleman Bomar – The Treatment
Author Joseph Hurtgen Joseph HurtgenThe Brotherhood Author Medina Jones
Medina Jones – Sunshine Valley
Authors 36 R. Michael  The Survivor Authors 37
Emmet Browne – Un-Replicable
Author Josephine Clay Josephine Clay The Waiting Game Authors 38
Ty Johnston – Heroic Literature
Authors 39 Steven TranslateurMusician in Paris Authors 40
Olyn Warfield – Omar Blue and K-9 Town
Authors 41
Fraser Sherman Heads Up Authors 42
Rowan Casey – The Pact Keeper
Authors 43 Victoria MasonThe Toothbrush Maker’s Apprentice Authors 44
Chad Gayle – The Last Teacher on Earth
Authors 45 Geoffrey Porter The Vine Doombringer, The Vine Doombringer, Part II Poet Grove Koger
Grove Koger – An Incident from the Childhood of Plato
Authors 46 Hervé Suys The Protected One, Massacre Authors 47
Susan Cornford – Just One
Authors 48 Russ Bickerstaff A Kind of Godhood Authors 49 Helga Anton-Beitz Momentum
Author Shuvayon_Mukherjee Shuvayon MukherjeeUnhinged Authors 50  Reuben Rivers Undeserved Pardon
Authors 51 Chris CeroneA Small Dull Thing    


Authors 52