Altered Reality Magazine Authors
Authors 1
Ada Fetters
Headshot of Alan Katerinsky
Alan Katerinsky
Authors 2
Alyson Tait
Authors 3
Ashwin Dayal


Authors 4
Bryan Aiello
Author Ben Coppin
Ben Coppin


CB Droege
Authors 5
C. J. Heckman
Authors 6
Chad Gayle
Authors 7
Charles Gramlich
Authors 8
Charlie Cole
Authors 9
Chris Cerone
Authors 10
Christopher Kell
Author Christopher Ramos
Christopher Ramos
Authors 11
Col H Aalberry
Author Coleman Bomar
Coleman Bomar
Authors 12
Crystal Kirkham
Authors 13


Authors 14
D. F. Heller
author Dan Rice
Dan Rice
Daniel R Jones and wife
Daniel R. Jones
Headshot of Author David Barber
David Barber
Authors 15
David Batteiger
Authors 16
David Castlewitz
Authors 17
David Powell
Authors 18
David Wright
Author Dee Caples
Dee Caples
Authors 19
Demetrios Matsakis
Author Diana Davis
Diana Davis


Author Ed Ahern
Ed Ahern
Authors 20
Ed Nobody
Authors 21
Emily E. Jones
Author Emmet Browne 
Emmet Browne
Authors 22
Eric S. Brown
Fearadhach MecRaudri
Authors 23
Fraser Sherman
Author Fred Nolan
Fred Nolan
Authors 24
Gary Clifton
Authors 25
Gary Inbinder
Authors 26
Geoffrey Porter
Poet Grove Koger
Grove Koger
Gustavo Bondoni in black and white.
Gustavo Bondoni


Authors 27
H. T. Grossen
Authors 28
Helga Anton-Beitz
Headshot of Herb Kauderer
Herb Kauderer
Authors 29
Hervé Suys


Authors 30
J.H. Malone
Author JM Williams
JM Williams
Authors 31
J. S. Grant
Authors 32
J.S. Helgerson
Authors 33
J. V. Hilliard
Authors 34
J. David Harper
Author Jasmien and Friend
Jasmine Arch
Author Jason DeGray
Jason DeGray
Authors 35
Jeremy Akel
Authors 36
Jim Davies
Authors 37
Jodi Rizzotto
Authors 38
John C. Mannone
Authors 39
Jonathan Bowerman
Author Joseph Hurtgen
Joseph Hurtgen
Author Josephine Clay
Josephine Clay
Authors 40
Josh T. Keating


Authors 41
K. A. Kenny
Authors 42
K. A. Williams
Poet Kendall Evans
Kendall Evans
Authors 43
Lauren McBride
Lee Harrison
Lee Harrison
Authors 44
Lisa Marie Hagerman
Authors 45
Lisa Pais
Lyn McConchie and friend
Lyn McConchie
Authors 46
Mark Everglade
Authors 47
Massimo Soumaré
Authors 48
Mark Joseph Kevlock
Authors 49
Maura Yzmore
Author Medina Jones
Medina Jones
Author Michael Ehart being thoughtful
Michael Ehart
Authors 50
Mike Ball
Authors 51
Mileva Anastasiadou


Neil Q. Green Headshot
Neil Q. Green
Authors 52
Olyn Warfield
Authors 53
Patricia Catherine Anderson
Authors 54
Patrick T. O’Connor
Authors 55
Pete Alex Harris
Author Phil Temples
Phil Temples
Authors 56
R. Michael
Ray with cat Luna
Raymond Lane
Authors 57
Reuben Rivers
Richard H. Fay
Authors 58
Rob Dinsmoor
Authors 59
Robert Stout
Authors 60
Roger Ley
Authors 61
Rowan Casey
Authors 62
Russ Bickerstaff
Authors 63
Salim Kingo
Authors 64
Salvador J. Ojeda
Author Shuvayon_Mukherjee
Shuvayon Mukherjee
Authors 65
Stanlei Bellan - author extrodinary
Stanlei Bellan
Authors 66
Stephan James
Author Steve Bartholomew
Steve Bartholomew
Authors 67
Steve Carr
Authors 68
Steven Translateur
Authors 69
Susan Cornford
Authors 70
Sylvia Cumming



Authors 71
T. L. Simpson
Authors 72
Thomas Zman
Authors 73
Toshiya Kamei
Authors 74
Ty Johnston
Headshot of Tryee Campbell
Tyree Campbell
Authors 75
Victoria Mason


Image of author William Joseph Roberts
William Jospeh Roberts

Authors 76