Shepherd: Discover the Best Books!

I love wandering bookstores and seeing which books catch my eye. There is an immense amount of joy and magic in that search. I created to bring those same feelings to the online world. 

Shepherd is where readers can keep following their curiosity as they bump into books and explore the unknown. I’ve asked over 7,000 authors to share five books they love around a topic, theme, or mood. 

The results are fantastic lists like:


Readers can browse books based on a Wikipedia topic they are interested in, a favorite book, or a favorite author. Just go to our front page and select what you love. 

We also have bookshelves that show recommended books by authors and help you connect with a list that speaks to 

you. We have bookshelves on monsters, robots, space warfare, and galactic empires (among many other topics).

We launched in April 2021, so we are very new. I am working on adding genres and age groups to the website. You can join our monthly newsletter here if you want to get first access to new features!

Find Ben and Shepherd online at: