Altered Reality Magazine Poets

Poets 1 F. J. Bergmann – Parabolae, Jadis, Hatchling, Fairytale Poets 2  Feby JosephThe House G(ue)host
Poet Yuan Changming Yuan ChangmingTowards Gaxyland, Speciating, (R)Evolution, On the Recycling Day, Red Moon Promised, Living vs Lived, Who I Am Poets 3  K. A. WilliamsThe Gray Man, Robots, The Robot Soldiers, Terraforming Mars, Call From Space, Realtor From Glendale, Dragons, Baby Dragons, Of Dragons and Man, Young Dragon Rider, Time For a Change, No Humans Allowed, Clone Expeditions
Poet Dean Schreck Dean Schreck – Black Hole, Of What Do Superior Beings Dream? Poets 4  Helga Anton-Beitz Matter of Life
HNI_0008  Jennifer Ruth Jackson – An Ambassador Recollects EarthEntreaty of the Ancient, Intergalactic Missionary, Selkie Maiden, Tengu Lament, Severing Scars MelissaMaillet

Melissa Maillet – Griffin in the Spring
david moundvil David C. Kopaska-MerkelAdonis, Dragon’s Teeth, The Third Planet, I Am He…, Wicked Child!, Death and Life on Enceladus, In Wicked Hollows, Princess P, Giant Robot Loot the Oort!,Relic Query,Robo-Cat,Robot/Worker,Corrected Maps,The Station Master, Recursion,Beyond the Mad,Orbital Mirrors,Bring Me Moa,Swallowing it Whole,Land Sharks, Voyage to the Moon.Third Planet from Nowhere, Runaway Greenhouse Effect Poet Kendall Evans

Kendall Evans – Adonis, Dragon’s TeethThe Third Planet, I Am He…, Wicked Child!, Death and Life on Enceladus, In Wicked Hollows, Princess P, Giant Robot Loot the Oort!,Relic Query,Robo-Cat,Robot/Worker,Corrected Maps,The Station Master, Recursion,Beyond the Mad,Orbital Mirrors,Reality’s Weave,The River of Stars,Swallowing it Whole


KL Kathleen A. Lawrence – Dorothy DeliveredAlice AbbreviatedScientifically SpeakingTree SwingGoddessesSpace TravelThe Conjunction,Things That Go BumpBrunchAtopic Catastrophic
VGotera Vince Gotera – Space OperaSuperheroDragon-in-Training, Elegy for Iain BanksTiger and Dragon Sestina: DragonDear Mr. FrostLooking Back To The StarsAubadePrince CharmingFrankensteinCthulhuVenusEclipseTikbalang
Wendy Van Camp Headshot Wendy Van CampHe Is Your Brother,Rust, Cold, Harvest, Stalled, Abandoned Sphere, KIC 8462852, Crush, Venus Ascending, Exoskeleton, Butterfly Effect, Time Machine, Oblivion, Drop, Rover, Ark, Orbiting Secrets, Miners robert with friend

Robert Shmigelsky –Miniature Hubble TelescopeRanger’s First True StepsTemporal Peaks, Space DiscDaggervale RavineTales from the Garburator,Mutant Driving SchoolSubliminal Haiku

River Gardens 023 Ed BlundellRite to Know, Knights of Night, Sacrifice, Blood Birth, The Curse,Hunted, Shrik, Something, in Sunshine or in Shadow, Surprise, Let Sleeping Fear Lie richard stevenson Richard Stevenson – Fiskerton PhantomBrosno DragonManipogoAmomogaAkkorakamuiRadioactive FrogsThe Yeren’s ComplaintNapesBondegezuDark MatterSkinwalker Ranch, Mugwump, Black Demon Shark,MussieAn Argentine AlienClahuchu and BrideThe GugweQuickfootSabine ThingHoan Kiem TurtleKushiiPocket ‘SquatchMonster of the MerePterosaur Sighting Report, Cryptid Critter Poems
richard-h-fay-bio-photo Richard H. FayLast Thoughts of a Cosmic Fighter Pilot, Pixies in the Porridge, Silicon Searchers,The Brownie,Tipsy Rambler, Wondrous Gobbledygook,Woodwose, Unsolicited Messages Poet Robert Frazier

Robert Frazier – Here’s What You Must Do, Past Closing Time At The Endtime Saloon

Daniel R Jones and wife Daniel R. Jones Double or Nothing, The Woman on the Bus Poet David Russell David Russell – Power Kernels,Space Capsule Volunteer,Fast Lane,Earthquake,Clouds,With Respect to the Whale,Scorpion,Checkpoint,Disintegration,Discourse,Computer Virus,Carnival,Early to Rise,Panic,In Transit,Electro-Magnetic LoveCommon Sense,Work out of Progress,Communication,Mid-Life,Love Letters of Old
Poet Deborah L. Davitt Deborah L. DavittTaos Sirens, Paratopia, Shadow Cast, Saturnine Poets 5 John Reinhart – Toasting ProgressCooking with Extinction,voyage stranded
Poets 6 A. K. Drees – Etiquette for the Postmodern World
Lyn McConchie and friend

Lyn McConchie – AdventWithin the Asteroid Belt,Considering Alicia Austin
Poet and Artist Denny E. Marshall Denny E. Marshall – Ode to Amanda Four Haiku Time Shift 28 Escape from Area 51 The Universe Electric At The StarsS Mail ReceivedA Little EarlyBreaking News (Version #1)Search PartySpiral Arms SkyOccupantThe Unexplained,Ten Science Fiction Haiku, 2 and 3 HaikuFive Haiku #1Five Haiku #2 JCM_LMU_June 2015


John C. MannoneYou Always Said…,Pharaoh’s Eye,Hunting,Yellow Spiders,Marbles, Drake’s Lounge, Waterworld, Night Train,Giant Hogweed,Blue Flowers, Bubonic, The Photograph, House of the Rising Sun, Remains at an Archeological Site, Various Haiku, π, A New Way to Fight a World War,Bewitching Words, Listening to the Relics of Our Galaxy, Orion and the Bull, Before the Dark Reposes, Singularity

Poets 7  Wendy S. Delmater – Star Greeting Poets 8 Andrea Laws – Dionysus
Poets 9 Charles A. Gramlich – PeelThey BurnKissedFar Beyond HomeOfferings Poets 10 Armand J. Azamar – Satellite of Sand The Messenger of Go, The ExpeditionTemporal LoopA Siren for the Modern Times
Poets 11 Lauren McBrideFor in that Sleep, Shades of Brown, Engagement Set in Stone, What’ll it Be?, In Monster Years, I’m Old, Mining Solo, Point of View, From the First Marine Astrobiology Expedition, Martian Microbes,Pink, with Feathers, Stationed on a Gas Giant, Translator Malfunction Poets 12 Bill Abbott – Vernal EquinoxThe Stories of the Woman as told to the Poet by the Passing PilgrimsWar FogWendigoStanNessieThe Jackalope’s LamentThe Bigfoot’s Lament

Poets 13

Deborah P KolodjiScience Fiction Poetry, 6 Scifaiku Poets 14 Bryan Thao Worra – Screaming From My Throne of StarsMoving Mountains, Burning StarsRiding the Tiger
Poets 15 Frank Coffman If But They Could, The Gate, Reaching Out Poets 16 David Schwab – In The Future, Maury Povich is in Charge
Poets 17 Russell Hemmell –  Fear, Fear Not, 1348 Poets 18 Logan Thrasher Collins – Neuva Shikaga, Gorgeous Geometries, cyberjinnThe Sonata Machine
Headshot of Author David Barber David Barber Leviathan, Area 51, Fire & Ice, Old Venus, The Settee & The Stairs, Ghosts in the Machine, A Night In, Shining Armour Poets 19 Ellie Rose McKee – The Soultree
LindaAnn and feline friend LindaAnn LoSchiavoCupid and Psyche, The Galilean Moons, What’s in the Shadows, In January Poets 20 Lee Hart – High Grade OreThe Topological TwistThe ChimesAbdul Abulbul AmirStardustEngineer Disease,.Where No One’s Gone Before
Poets 21 Nick Ozment O Human Hosts What Big Teeth You Have, On My Way Here, Shelves of Worlds (at Uncle Hugo’s Bookstore in Minneapolis) Poet Breelyn Shelke Breelyn Shelkey– Twinkling’sImagine ThatSymbiosisBig Summit PrairiePowdered VisualizationsBold in Blue
Poet Grove Koger Grove Koger – Playing Near You Poets 22 Christopher Collingwood – Free the Droids – Protest Songs
Poets 23 Baishampayan Seal – Four Haikus Poet Krista Canterbury Adams Krista Canterbury Adams – Old MoonTonightAt The Sacred Fire on the RiverbankWindhover Hall
Poets 24 Ann Christine Tabaka It Fell from the Sky, First Step: Transformation, A Thousand Light Years Away Poets 25  Lori R. LopezUnfair Trade, Poison Pie, Real-Estate, Grim House
Poets 26 Crystal KirkhamWhere the Light Cannot Go, Perfection Jim Davies  Jim DaviesUnstole it, Roly Poly
Headshot of Herb Kauderer Herb KaudererThe Robot Insane, sentient pushing, listener, Doom, what lay underfoot, look the other way, Having Touched Sky, Arachnid Defense, Space Efficient,Medusa,Satyr Insane,Depth Perception, Basilisk, Priestess’ Nightmare, Scylla, Two Wrongs, bug in the system, keeping company, duration of the crossing, Profiling the unknown, zombie existence, The Theft of Yesterday’s Lover, out of hades, Styx, Lethe, Phlegethon, Night Shivers, Acheron, Cocytus,Dryad, Djinn, Stonehenge, Through the Ages, far from worship ,Keeping the Peace,Joyriding ,National Security ,Soft Scientist,Computer Vows,Leather Dragon,What’s Been Left Behind, Dust Devils, Fruit of Imperfection, Recognition Error, stranded observatory, new realities, career change, Last Gleaming, failed diplomacy, Third Floor Bookstore, Intended Purpose, Rogue Planet, The Poem Dreams, Last Stand on Privacy, A Room on Mars, sometimes unobserved is just the same, commuter, unmanned exploration, rust dragon, a time to shrink, Symbols, Numbers, Distances, The Makings of Dragons, The First Dragon, Skyhook, Charcoal Dragon

Poets 27