Mission Statement

We know that some people will tell you that if we don’t pay for your story, we’re a scam. That’s just not true. 

Altered Reality Magazine is a FREE magazine. Because of this, we do not at this time offer financial compensation for works published on our site. We offer our artists a platform. Running the magazine is a huge undertaking, but we are happy to do it if it helps gain exposure and experience for writers who might not find it so readily otherwise. We all start somewhere, and as all the owners and staff at ARM are writers or poets themselves, we know how hard that first selective break can be to obtain. Essentially, we view the magazine as our way of giving back to the writing community with no obligation on their part.

Currently, we market online for our writers. We have big plans down the road that we are working very hard to fulfill. Things like monetary awards, nominating authors for accolades like the Pushcart Awards (and footing the bill), expanding our reach and quality, and so much more! Everyone starts somewhere. We would be honored if you joined us!