A Siren for the Modern Times by Armand J. Azamar

A Siren for the Modern Times Armand J. Azamar Hearing her song again Appears near hopeless. After the shipwreck, Her voice, I still struggle to defend. My hospital bed A depression I discovered for myself. The longing only spreads; wider and deeper. A deep…

Temporal Loop by Armand J. Azamar

Temporal Loop Armand J. Azamar Failing. The cycle repeats yet again. The failure clutches, The circumference of my mind. Will my device change the times? The clock brings no assurance. Will a flicker of newness finally exist? The seconds hobble and limp. The shining…

The Expedition by Armand J. Azamar

The Expedition Armand J. Azamar Treading cautiously, A plateau of cold and crimson dunes. The dust storms offer songs of courage Feet and mind persist onward, For another leap for mankind.

The Messenger God by Armand J. Azamar

The Messenger God Armand J. Azamar Where the heat of the Sun beats down, Where the craters remain razed of hope, We tread the lonely cliffs still, With no hope of a welcoming committee. Where no wind blows and the morning blinds.

Satellite of Sand by Armand J. Azamar

Satellite of Sand Armand J. Azamar A desert of forbidding cacti and suns, A smoking, old starship behind me, A Northern oasis of far, far before me. Confidence wavers and heat oppresses As the skeletons of sand-worms mock me.