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Visiting Memories by Jonathan Bowerman

Visiting Memories Jonathan Bowerman Explosions sent thunderous shockwaves through the night sky. Infrequent intervals of deadly shrapnel fell from somewhere above. Just off the ground, a sulfuric haze lingered playfully. What is this place? W-where am I? A young man, … Continue reading

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Charles and the Dodo by Jonathan Bowerman

Charles and the Dodo Jonathan Bowerman I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date! Charles stressed as he sat at his desk and blew on the end of his feathered fountain pen, chastising himself. “No, no. That simply will … Continue reading

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For This; Therefore, I Die by Jonathan Bowerman

For This; Therefore, I Die Jonathan Bowerman How ironic she thought, struggling to take another gulp of cool water. Relief did not follow, for each constriction of her throat felt as though she were swallowing shards of glass. The pain … Continue reading

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