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Doppelganger in the Loop by Gary Inbinder

Doppelganger in the Loop Gary Inbinder I Paul sat on a weather-beaten wooden bench in the middle of the platform. He glanced at his wristwatch; it was a quarter to six in the morning. Dull, yellowish electric bulbs glowed eerily … Continue reading

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Nemo on the Shore by Gary Inbinder

Nemo on the Shore Gary Inbinder “To say ‘He was a young fool, and now he’s an old fool’ is to make a distinction without a difference.” — Kafka the Cat The time was May in the not too distant … Continue reading

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Officer Rosie by Gary Clifton

Officer Rosie Gary Clifton “Well, well, Rebound, you’ve finally managed to end up sitting pretty.” Taylor soft-footed into the shabby room with boarded up windows where Rebound sat duct-taped to an old chair. Rebound sobbed, “Taylor, this ain’t funny. You … Continue reading

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