Atopic Catastrophic by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Atopic Catastrophic Kathleen A. Lawrence Countdown. The stars were beating, pulsating, bleeding Whole constellations ragged, hemorrhaging Coughing, spitting, writhing with penetrating Pain and growing fear of planets divorcing. As greedy pirates of celestial skies attacked Marauding with fury, invading hemispheres Forcing rings to spiral…

Brunch, Spaceship Side by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Brunch, Spaceship Side Kathleen A. Lawrence Bounding across the rocky terrain with low gravity weight on Aster it was an exhilarating jaunt out for breakfast morsels hidden behind griege craters and dunes. Silver space boots with lights, and puffy suit were de rigueur under…

Things That Go Bump & Smile In The Night by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Things That Go Bump & Smile In The Night Kathleen A. Lawrence When I wasn’t tall enough for the roller coaster every night I pretended to be sleeping in the bottom bunk closing my eyes tight until my siblings snored in chorus then I…

The Conjunction: Jupiter Pursues Venus by Kathleen A. Lawrence

The Conjunction: Jupiter Pursues Venus Kathleen A. Lawrence “Meet me on the other side of the moon,” Jupiter gestured. Soft and deliberate, shy Venus stretched out for her love with unfurling desire. Shining brightly together, their orbits breathing in rhythm, the planets paused before…

Scientifically Speaking by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Scientifically Speaking Kathleen A. Lawrence (abecedarian) Arcane beakers capture designer equations. Filament glistens. Hypothesis: immunizing jelly. Keen laboratory mice nuzzle. Osmosis pauses, quivers, remembering science. Theorists unveil vessels with XX/XY, yielding zygotes.

Tree Swing by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Tree Swing Kathleen A. Lawrence (abecedarian) Astronaut’s brisk carriage delicately elevates, flying galaxy high, instantly jetting, knifing, leaf-like. Motoring to Neptune off playground quest. Reeling swing twirls upward. Voyages with Xenon. Yearning zero-G.

Space Travel by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Space Travel Kathleen A. Lawrence (abecedarian) Amorphous blobs cavort dauntlessly, exploring future gravistars. Haggling infinitude, juggling kinetic latitudes, measuring Newtonian orbital properties, quietly relishing savage travel. Unsaddled, velocity whips extraterrestrial yokels zeppelining.

Goddesses by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Goddesses Kathleen A. Lawrence (abecedarian) Aphrodite bows. Calliope, demure, efficiently flirts. Glorious Hera intimidates, jauntily kissing loose men. Never opinionated, Psyche quivers romantically, sinking to Titans’ Underworld. Velvet waxing, Xanthe yearns for Zeus.

Dorothy Delivered by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Dorothy DeliveredKathleen A. Lawrencespiraling abecedarian

Alice Abbreviated by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Alice AbbreviatedKathleen A. Lawrencespiraling abecedarian