Subliminal Sonnet by Robert Shmigelsky

Subliminal Sonnet Robert Shmigelsky This haiku a subliminal sonnet

Mutant Driving School by Robert Shmigelsky

Mutant Driving School Robert Shmigelsky mutant driving school learning to keep all hands on steering wheel

Daggervale Ravine: A View Through Time by Robert Shmigelsky

Daggervale Ravine: A View Through Time Robert Shmigelsky (tanka) razor wind sculptor looping prehistoric rock   spirals reaching sky primeval tectonic lift first skateboard park

Tales from the Garburator by Robert Shmigelsky

Tales from the Garburator Robert Shmigelsky garbage disposal unit trash compactor’s distant cousin the third one removed appliance family tree – kitchen genealogist (haiku) parallel universe refuse passing seamlessly into other worlds (joined one breaths) pipe dream clog free drains protozoic Zzzz’s pipe dreams

Temporal Peaks by Robert Shmigelsky

Temporal Peaks Robert Shmigelsky never-melting peaks enduring cliffs fast forward falling off

Ranger’s First True Steps by Robert Shmigelsky

Ranger’s First True Steps Robert Shmigelsky tangible outside pull teetering dimensional run sidestepping ranger dodging shadows of objects back in the real world

Miniature Hubble Telescope by Robert Shmigelsky

Miniature Hubble Telescope Robert Shmigelsky angst of a blown-up depth locked refractors zoomable Hubble telescope miniature eye implants busted “off” switch