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Rogue Blades Foundation and Heroic Literature by Ty Johnston

Fantasy literature comes in many varieties, but since its inception the genre often has held firmly to notions of the heroic. In truth, the oldest tales in history deal with heroes, from Gilgamesh to Achilles, from Hercules to Samson, and … Continue reading


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Setting the Pieces

Where was that gods-forgotten game set? Watch Sergeant Wissian Vott tossed a box of whetstones aside as he rummaged through the watchhouse storage room. The box tipped to the floor, the cacophony of stones upon concrete assaulting his ears and … Continue reading


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The Battle Ward by Neil Q. Green

The Battle Ward Neil Q. Green Another trebuchet strike against the walls. The room rang like bell. Dust fell from somewhere and settled on my neck. The accumulated grit from the day’s bombardment chaffed and I missed, yet again, the … Continue reading


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