Altered Reality Magazine Poets


david moundvil David C. Kopaska-MerkelAdonis, Dragon’s Teeth, The Third Planet, I Am He…, Wicked Child!, Death and Life on Enceladus, In Wicked Hollows, Princess P, Giant Robot Loot the Oort!,Relic Query,Robo-Cat,Robot/Worker,Corrected Maps,The Station Master, Recursion,Beyond the Mad,Orbital Mirrors
HNI_0008 Jennifer Ruth JacksonAn Ambassador Recollects Earth, Entreaty of the Ancient
JCM_LMU_June 2015

John C. MannoneYou Always Said…,Pharaoh’s Eye


Kathleen A. LawrenceDorothy Delivered, Alice Abbreviated, Scientifically Speaking, Tree Swing, Goddesses, Space Travel

Lyn McConchie and friend Lyn McConchieAdvent, Within the Asteroid Belt
VGotera Vince GoteraSpace Opera, Superhero, Dragon-in-Training, Elegy for Iain Banks, Tiger and Dragon
Wendy Van Camp Headshot Wendy Van CampHe Is Your Brother,Rust, Cold, Harvest, Stalled, Abandoned Sphere, KIC 8462852, Crush, Venus Ascending, Exoskeleton, Butterfly Effect, Time Machine, Oblivion, Drop, Rover, Ark, Orbiting Secrets, Miners
MelissaMaillet Melissa MailletGriffin in the Spring
River Gardens 023 Ed BlundellRite to Know, Knights of Night, Sacrifice, Blood Birth, The Curse
robert with friend Robert Shmigelsky –Miniature Hubble Telescope, Ranger’s First True Steps, Temporal Peaks, Space Disc, Daggervale Ravine, Tales from the Garburator
richard-h-fay-bio-photo Richard H. FayLast Thoughts of a Cosmic Fighter Pilot, Pixies in the Porridge, Silicon Searchers,The Brownie,Tipsy Rambler, Wondrous Gobbledygook,Woodwose, Unsolicited Messages
richard stevenson Richard Stevenson Fiskerton Phantom, Brosno Dragon, Manipogo, Amomoga, Akkorakamui, Radioactive Frogs, The Yeren’s Complaint, Napes, Bondegezu, Dark Matter
Daniel R Jones and wife Daniel R. Jones Double or Nothing, The Woman on the Bus
Poet Robert Frazier Robert FrazierHere’s What You Must Do, Past Closing Time At The Endtime Saloon