A Thousand Light Years Away by Ann Christine Tabaka

A Thousand Light Years Away
Ann Christine Tabaka

Distant stars, held in our hands,
a thousand light years past.
Seeking a reason for existence,
our disguise falls away.
Plummeting down a black hole
into infinity, abstract notions rise.
Finding oneself in a vision of doubt,
a corner is turned.
Never knowing, always guessing,
the substance of one’s path.
The plurality of truth
lends a guiding light.
There are no answers beyond
what or why, nothing to ascertain.
Firmaments collapsing within our grasps.
Stars are born, and stars die,
while bewilderment takes hold.
We are but children of the sky,
reaching for the future,
with distant stars within our hands.

* Published by Vita Brevis, April 2020


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