Amethyst by Rain Hall-Brown

The powers of all the people of Gemworld comes from its gems. Each has its own power and purpose.

Amethyst is a new version of an older DC Comics, with great artwork for the characters and their world.  I really like that Princess Amethyst fights for good and is really a good person, and I think it’s fun that there are different kingdoms in Gemworld.  Amethyst is cool because it’s purple and that’s my favorite color.  I think it’s good that Amethyst will do anything to protect the people of her kingdom and those she cares about.

House Diamond is bad though because they’re supposed to be the law keepers of Gemworld.   They took her people and encased them in Amethyst, trapping them, but after a long journey and some rough fights, she is able to free them.   

I don’t like the fact that Amethyst’s parents betrayed her because they wanted more power.    That was mean.    At the end, she frees them and they were upset because the gems that gave them their power were destroyed. But Amethyst also has parents on Earth, and they love her, so it’s not all sad. I don’t like that Dark Opal is trying to kill everyone, and I don’t like that many of Amethyst’s friends refuse to help her find and free her people.

Dark Opal was on house arrest but managed to kill his guards and get free after Amethyst went to see him, looking for answers. By the end of the book, House Amethyst is in ruins but she becomes the queen of the banned, keeping true to her promise to protect Gemworld and its people.


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