Babylon 5: The Shadow Within by Eric S Brown

In the 1990s, Babylon 5 was one of the best SF series on TV. Today, it lives on as a classic of the genre that SF fans can currently stream for free on Tubi. There is talk of a B5 reboot as well as top secret project involving the return of the surviving original cast. Love of the series has certainly not diminished with the passage of time. Despite the quality of some of
the show’s out of date FX, its writing and the chemistry of its cast make it must-see SF.

As with all successful SF series of its time, there was a line of Babylon 5 novels. Most of these were nothing short of a grab for more profit from the show, but a few truly added depth and expansion to the events depicted on the small screen. The Shadow Within stands out among them as it deals with Mr. Morden and the Icarus, a lost Earthforce ship which Anna Sheridan was supposedly aboard when it was destroyed. The novel serves as both  an origin story for Morden, something many fans of the show wanted explained, and  a creepy horror tale with the Shadows depicted as unknown monsters. The only notable drawbacks to the novel are its secondary plot involving John Sheridan taking command of the Agamemnon and some seemingly altered lore of the show just so that the Babylon 5 station itself can show up for a scene or two within its pages. Still, it is a deeper look at Mr. Morden and how he became a servant of the Shadows and a deeper look at their awakening as well.

The Shadow Within is slightly over 270 pages in length and a very simple, fast-paced read. It’s not heavy literature by any means and should prove enjoyable to any fan of the Babylon 5 franchise.


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