Bunnicula by Rain Hall-Brown

Rain Hall-Brown

Bunnicula is a book about a vampire rabbit written by Deborah and James Howe. There are six more books in the series and they have been turned into several cartoon series. I think Bunnicula is a very well written book because it was fun to read and it is also extremely funny. There are three main characters – Bunnicula the vampire bunny, Chester the crazy cat, and Harold the dog.

This first book is about vegetables mysteriously turning white as if drained of all their juices. Chester was the one who made this funny because he became obsessed with killing Bunnicula, attacking him with water and then a steak. I didn’t understand why he was attacking him like that at first, but it was because real vampires are killed by a wooden stake through the heart and Chester was confused. Both of those attempts fail, so Chester turns to trying to starve Bunnicula – which failed too because Harold liked Bunnicula and was able to help the vampire bunny get food. Chester catches Harold and pounces into the room, attacking Bunnicula, but the vampire bunny leaps into a salad bowel, escaping the crazy cat. Chester comes at him again, but Bunnicula is faster, and the crazy cat ends up covered in salad dressing which was both disgusting and funny. The animals get taken to the vet where Chester ends up in therapy and Bunnicula gets put on a great vegetable diet.   

The most fun of the Bunnicula cartoons is the series that was first shown on the Cartoon Network and then Boomerang. It isn’t much like the books, but in a lot of ways it’s better. I love its style of art much more than the way that the characters looked in the books. 


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