The Complete Gail Simone Red Sonja Omnibus

by Eric S Brown

Gail Simone is a well known and amazingly talented comic writer. Her works include beloved runs on titles such as Birds of Prey, Batgirl, The Secret Six, and Red Sonja. The Red Sonja movie that is currently in production is said to be based on Simone’s version of the fiery warrior.

The Complete Gail Simone Red Sonja Omnibus does exactly what its name claims gathering all 19 issues of her work on the title including issue #0. Released at the end of 2019, it is the first ever true omnibus of Red Sonja that has been produced, being an elaborate and beautiful tabletop-sized book. The omnibus is, of course, hardcover as all true omnibuses are and very well bound, weighing in at a healthy 528 pages of story and bonus materials. The bonus materials include a stunning variant cover gallery and an introduction written by Simone herself.

There is a second Red Sonja omnibus staled for release in July, 2023, which will collect the earlier issues of the character published during the era in which Marvel Comics held the rights to her but for the time being, the Simone Omnibus is by far the most definitive collection of the character on the market.


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