Candle of my Night by Michael Lee Johnson

In the candle of my night
I see you blinking your eyes,
pink with a magnanimous
a vocabulary of mythology,
a Nordic star, shy,
shining in blondness,
resorting, shuffling
back and forth like a
loaded deck of cards,
your lost teardrops
through the years,
your esteem.
Quarter plugger dollar player
jukebox sing-along,
you’re but a street slut,
musical bars and chairs.
You stretch your loins
over the imagination of penises
like a condom. Protected, fruit
preserved on your spreading branches.
You wake up with sun tone memories
then the darkness, those mythical
tales and lost poems of the Poetic Edda
or Marvel comics.
You urinate morning dreams,
thoughts, remnants away.
You aren’t my first memory—
candle by night.


About the Author

Michael Lee Johnson is an internationally published poet in 46 countries or republics, a song lyricist with several published poetry books, nominated for 7 Pushcart Prize awards, and 6 Best of the Net nominations. Over 313 YouTube poetry videos as of 05-2024.




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