Daredevil and Elektra: The Red Fist Saga by Eric S Brown

The Red Fist Saga is the first TPB collecting issues from the latest, ongoing Daredevil series which began in 2022. It picks up in the wake of the Marvel Universe-wide event titled Devil’s Reign. Matt and Elektra are struggling to deal with the aftermath and starting on a new road forward together. Elektra continues to wear her own Daredevil suit and retains the mantle equally with Matt.

The Daredevils know that the Hand is a dire threat to the world and that they must be dealt with. In order to take on such a powerful organization, Matt and Elektra begin to build their own army, the Fist. Recruits for the Fist include Detective Cole North, Foggy Nelson, and Dr. Samson (now a gamma powered Sasquatch).

Overall the story doesn’t live up to Zdarsky’s previous run on the Daredevil title, but it does set the stage for another huge event involving the Hand and a head-on collision with the Punisher. Matt and Elektra are also married by their mentor Stick to cement the position they hold as the Fist’s leaders.

The Red Fist Saga has some neat character moments and intrigue but feels as if it
is merely a beginning. . .and it is. This first volume ends on an epic cliffhanger as
the Avengers decide that the Daredevils must be dealt with and brought in.


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