Daredevil: End of Hell by Eric S Brown

End of Hell
Eric S Brown

End of Hell is the fourth collected trade paperback of Chip Zdarsky’s run on the title.    It collects issues 16-20 and continues the main storyline that began in Vol 1.    These collected isses see Daredevil trace the true troubles of Hell’s Kitchen back to Stromwyn siblings with Elektra’s help and she steals several billion from them.    The siblings get their revenge by bringing the full power of their wealth crashing down upon the Kitchen. hiring the Rhino, Crossbones, the Bullet, Stiltman, and Bullseye to tear Hell’s Kitchen apart and burn it to the ground.    Matt finally fully regains his faith in God again and resumes the role of Daredevil in an epic battle to save Hell’s Kitchen with the unlikely allies of Detective Cole and the Kingpin fighting alongside him.    Typhoid Mary, who has been hiding in plain sight as a nun named Elizabeth, makes makes a surprise, amazingly cool return to the series as a hero as well.    The Rhino’s attack on her church triggers her “Mary” personality and she helps turn the tide of the battle but ultimately it’s Daredevil’s faith that wins it and save the Kitchen.

Zdarsky’s writing is both powerful and deep bringing a feeling of real life to the characters of Daredevil’s world.    Even with such an epic battle in End of Hell and the Kitchen being saved, there’s still a lot of super important other things going on, not the least of which is Daredevil’s accidental killing of a criminal at the beginning of Zdarsky’s run.   

If you’re a fan of great writing in comics or a fan of Daredevil, Zdarsky’s run is one that can’t be missed.    No other Daredevil writer, except perhaps Frank Miller, has ever captured the depth of Matt Murdock and Daredevil like he has. Such long running arcs are a rarity in modern comics as most wrap up in a single trade, while Zdarsky’s still continues.    And Zdarsky’s run will continue with a fifth trade which is due out early next year.       


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