Daredevil: The Man Without Fear by Rain Hall-Brown

Daredevil: The Man Without Fear
Rain Hall-Brown

Matt Murdock is Daredevil, but before he became the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, he just a normal kid with homework and a good heart.  He got his powers from saving the life of an old man that was trying to cross the street who was about to be hit by a truck carrying a bunch of radioactive waste. He saved the old man, but a barrel of the chemicals fell from the truck and splashed into Matt’s eyes, blinding him    but also making his other senses superpowered.

But that’s not all of how he became Daredevil. 

His dad was a boxer who couldn’t find work and had to agree to fight for a criminal called the Fixer.  The Fixer rigged his matches in order to get Battling Jack to the championship and then ordered him to lose the fight.  Matt’s dad wouldn’t do it, and was murdered by the Fixer and his men after winning the match.  Having been “training” in secret, Matt went after the Fixer to bring him to justice but wasn’t able to because the Fixer died of a heart attack while he was chasing him. 

After getting his law degree, and becoming best friends with Foggy Nelson, the two of them opened their own law practice.  Foggy hired a beautiful woman named Karen Page that both he and Matt fall in love with.  The three of them work together by day to bring those who break the law to justice in the courts while at night, Matt suits up as Daredevil to fight crime with his super senses and martial arts training. 

I like Daredevil because he’s a Christian who believes in God and tries to do the right thing even when he fails, and like his father, he does so regardless of what it costs him.  He never gives up and that is what makes him a hero. 


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