DC Superhero Girls: Finals Crisis by Rain Hall-Brown

DC Superhero Girls: Finals Crisis review
Rain Hall-Brown

One of the things I really like about DC Superhero Girls: Finals Crisis is that in the end everyone works together to win. I like that Harley thinks that Batgirl deserves a break because she studies all the time. And I like that before Supergirl got captured she was willing to takes the tests despite what happened on Krypton when she was younger. Back then, she was teased and pranked a lot which caused her to fail. She made a liquid that could make crystals grow and it was spilt on a bunch of crystals that destroyed her classroom. I was very glad to see her not give up.  And one thing I like the most about Supergirl is that she likes horses!

I don’t like that Poison Ivy’s plants are mean in this book. They try to eat Starfire and Beast Boy.

I like that when Bumblebee stops to get a smoothie and ends up fighting Killer Croc. This makes the story fun to read.

My favorite characters in this book are Wonder Woman and Katana. I like Harley too because she’s funny and kind. Batgirl is cool because she always has a backup plan. In this book, when she is driven out of her room by Harley’s music and is trying to study, Batgirl has a lot of places already in mind where she can go and is able to keep going from one to another until one finally is quiet.


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