Episode 14 – Dreams and Choices

Glad they’re gonna spend some time with the females,” Thor grumbled as he and Bennie sauntered after Seers Rasta Mama and Great Dane Granny.

Yep,” Bennie woofed. “We can use a break. Especially if they keep getting those visions in their sleep. Wasn’t that somethin’? Woke up howling at the same time. Like they were dreaming together. Then goin’ on about how K-9 Town is in danger. Nothin’ else was clear. They don’t know we heard ‘em. Omar needs to know about this.”

Ears perked, the two Sitters listened intently but the Seers were careful. During the short distance to the females, barely a word was spoken between them.   


Bennie stopped abruptly at the sight of timber wolves milling around the females. His hackles raised and he slunk forward, a low growl rumbling in his chest.

Wolfhound Winnie sprang forward, landing between him and the retreating she-wolves. “No Bennie! Calm down. Things happened you don’t know about. Us and the girls, we’re friendly now. We all been talkin’ about the celebration… for you and me! You know it’s coming soon.” She moved closer, blocking his view.   

I gotta get him away from here. Thor stepped up beside Winnie and shoved Bennie backwards. “Nothing here they can’t handle.” He turned to face his partner. “We’ve got stuff to do, Bennie. We gotta go.”

Bennie let out another growl, then snorted. “You’re right.” He looked past Thor, into Winnie’s eyes. “Anyway, ain’t Shocka’s females, that I wanna deal with.” He held Winnie’s eyes a few more seconds, then turned away and sprinted through the trees.

Get your mind on finding Omar. I think I know where he is,” Thor yelped, dashing after him.

Winnie watched until they were out of sight, then shook her head and returned to planning the coming event.


Looking down on the massive wilderness from a favorite spot, Omar stood alone, pondering his choices—past and future. I don’t know why I’m puttin’ so much thought into this. I could’ve gotten rid of Shocka, with a pointless scuffle, when they got here. Instead I let ‘em get comfortable. Now his females are bonding with ours, he’s wandering around looking for answers he’ll never find, half his males are rambling aimlessly while the other half are laying around getting lazy. Why should I care? Because they’re helpless, and don’t know it. And, timber wolf Shocka Din is a lot like wolf Bennie Ba and most of the others here, before we found each other. l gotta bring this to a head.

There he is Bennie! Told you I could find him.”

Omar turned towards the sound, eyes lighting up at the sight of his older brother and good friend. “What are you two doing here? Where’s Granny and Rasta Mama?”

They’re with the females!” Thor growled. “Said they wanted to spend some time with ‘em. They’re up to somethin’. You should have been there. They was sleepin’ and just jumped up howlin’ at the same time. Dreamed K-9 Town is in danger, they said, but the dream didn’t say why, or from what. They was talkin’ crazy ta each other. We heard that much, then they saw us lookin’ and shut up. Said they had ta go visit the females and took off.” He shook himself, then narrowed his eyes and stared at Omar. “Ya gotta do somethin’.”

Omar stared back in silence until Thor relaxed. “I’m going to do something. This though—a vision with no clear ending is… odd. Tell every dog in the pack to watch them, but do not let them know they’re being watched. No need rushing ‘em while they’re huntin’ answers. Let’s go find Major Diggs. He needs to know about this, quick. Time to do some planning…”


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