Episode Eight – The Arrival

The K-9 Town females were busy planning for the upcoming ceremony. The pairing of Wolf Bennie Ba and Wolfhound Winnie.

Chihuahua Conchita frowned, feigning anger. “You’d think they’d be more interested. Paco says, they’ll be there when the time comes… How’s that?”

Arf arf. They’d better be! Might have to round ‘em up, though,” Bulldog Betty cackled, triggering snorts and snickers from the merry group.

Potbelly Pig Sookie waited until the babbling quieted. Staring downward with heavy lidded eyes, she oinked softly, “Too bad those awful timber wolves have to throw a bad shadow over our fun.”

Don’t let them worry you, Sookie! When they get here, we’ll handle them. That’s all to it!” came the call-outs.

Gazing at her friends, including the other potbellies, a toothy grin surfaced. Should have known. Just like the males…

Heads reeled! Growls… Hackles raised while darting, squinted eyes scanned one area. They were being watched. Shocka Din had arrived!


Look at ‘em. All they do is sit around doing nothin but talkin and smilin at each other. Time to git down there and show ‘em a thing or two about real stuff,” Hanna yelped, glaring down on the K-9 Town females, then back at the other timber wolves.

They returned her gaze with perked ears, bared teeth and wrinkled snouts, “Yeah, let’s git down there, Hanna!”

The wolves dashed down the hill.

At the same time… Shocka roared, “Find ‘em! Hiden, I bet. Mighty quiet around here… Omarrr!… Omar Bluuu!” he bellowed, feigning glee, while glancing sideways with raised eyebrows.

Their silence remained until—dogs sprang from everywhere! Snouts twisted in rage, beared teeth of all sizes, hackles raised, they waited for their leader’s command.

Shocka thought fast. Knew something wasn’t right. Better keep this ‘ween Omar and me, then figure out how to handle The Ghost later, else none of us will git outta here in one piece.

I’m Omar Blue,” the muscle-bound, snarling front dog growled, chest heaving to double its size. “Now what?!”

Returning the stare, with a well-practiced sneer, Shocka realized he was facing a worthy rival. He turned away, spotting Bennie Ba. “Didn’t tell me bout all this, “Ghost.” Some reception we got here. Told ‘em we were coming, did you?”

Bennie ambled forward, scowling, “Yep! Didn’t do no good, though. Nobody cared.”

Flinching with hatred, Shocka turned his gaze back to Omar, “Gotta admit, this ain’t what I expected,” he growled, peering around. “Might have to move on, but not ‘til this matter ‘ween me and you is done with, being we came this far. Mighty tired now, though. Figure we need to hang around awhile first, if ain’t no objections.”

Cunning devil. He’s up to something. I’ll play his game… for now. Omar eyed his pack. Subtle nods, winks and lowered heads hiding half grins, met his gaze. He read their thoughts, easily. They got no idea what they in for, Omar. More than us for ‘em to worry about around here. Go along wit him!

Eyes narrowed into piercing slits, flicking through the wolves, Omar thundered, “Plan a short stay, cause you’al ain’t welcome here! And— like you say—this matter ‘ween you and me ain’t done with.”

Shocka and his pack turned and trotted away. I’ll show ‘em. Didn’t know what to expect, is all. And The Ghost, calling himself Bennie Ba, standing by like he belonged with those dogs… He’ll get his too! There’s something about this place, though. I’m wantin to find out what it is…


Hanna and the female wolves advanced blindly. Heads lifted, movements precise, they approached the K-9 Town females. Aiming… to start trouble.

The dogs stood rigid, as the wolves drew near… then pounced! The quickest moves Hanna and the others had ever seen, found them face to face with two or three seething mongrels each.

It was Wolfhound Winnie’s attention-getting they were interrupting. Squinting with quivering lips she yowled, “What was your plan, besides thinking you would come here, disrespect, and harm us!”

Feeling the tension, Hanna blurted, Is it fair to surround us like this? One on one would prove you’re fearless.”

We already proved that here. Ain’t no need repeating ourselves.” Winnie howled, moving forward. “Tellin you up front, ‘we’re nowhere near fair!’”

Hanna stepped back. We need to get away from these dogs… fast!

Luckily, one offered an out. “Wait, Winnie!” Afghan Bee Bee yelped, taking a slow stroll around the timber wolves—sniffing. When she got to Hanna, she halted, stared into evading eyes, snorted, then retreated. “Let’s leave ‘em here! They’re no threat to us!”

Bit by bit, the snarls and grimaces faded. Turning their backs on the intruders, the grumbling dogs strode away.

Glancing back after trudging a short distance, Hanna saw the K-9 Towners had settled down… looking like the pampered females they mistook them to be.


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