Episode Four – King Cat Sateer – A friend indeed

Meowww! (Crunch, crackle, crunch, crunch) The leaves under my paws boost my spirits, but I need to take to the trees if I’m to proceed. (Whooosh! leap) Yes, much better. (Chirp, chirp, chirp) “Don’t worry little birds, I’m only passing through.” The long gnarly branches save me from having to slush through that perplexing body of water below. Always hot, yet animals gather there. Lions, bears, dogs, to name a few, lay closed eyed, with limp bodies and a peaceful demeanor. Together!… All under an ominous mist, huddling a few feet above them. So be it! I won’t be sidetracked today! (pant, gasp)

(From the highest limb, poised body extended, bright sun creating a graceful silhouette… King Cat Sateer performs a self-confident, effortless landing. Then, brows furrowed, narrowed eyes glancing sideways, always alert, he surveys the vicinity. Purrrr.) I’ll wait here for my friend. The rolling hills, and the sensual smell of the huge, colorful flowers (deep breath) relax me. Omar will be here soon.

Zooming, though leaving no site unseen, jumping logs, trees flashing past, ruff, ruff… ruff. “By now Sateer has reached our destination. He knows about Shocka Din, I’m sure. He has spotters everywhere, but we need to meet anyway. I want to know what he’s up to. Don’t want them challenging that bunch. There he is! (slowing down, then gliding to a stop, with utmost precision) “Hello, my friend!”

(Twinkling eyes and enthusiastic nudging reaffirm their bond) “What’s this I hear?!” Sateer inquired, after thoroughly enjoying Omar’s showmanship. “I’m told we can expect intruders who want to do great harm. How may we help?” while stroking thinning chin hairs. “We cannot sit idle while this creature and his brutes disrupt our peaceful existence, though I know you have the situation well in hand.”

Expressions changed. Peering into intense eyes, as expected, not a trace of indecision or vulnerability. Instead, overwhelming strength and effortless calm. “As cool as a cucumber. But I’ve seen ‘the other side.’ If I were the timber wolf, Shocka Din, I’d stay clear of this baffling, dangerous dog and the mischievous inhabitants of K-9 Town. How I’d love to witness the confrontation, but I must stay put. If Shocka Din dares to stray into Catdom, we will be ready.”

After a useful chat about the roving invader’s and their capabilities, in a mysterious land that might consume them even before reaching their destination, they dismissed the threat, and cheerily went over a few well-known obstacles.

Hope they don’t bump into those crazy, troublesome, mountain lions. They’ll never get here, if they do. Those big eerie things are still angry because they couldn’t chase us out of here. They’ll take it out on the timber wolves, for sure! We’ll have to go save them!” Omar commented, laughing out loud, softly pushing the smaller Sateer, causing him to lose his footing, landing on his back, paws waving, while emitting a lively, “Meowwww!”

Not to be outdone, and unable to gain composure, Sateer added, “What if they meet up with that ornery grizzly, Dirty Sam, and his cohorts, we’ll never see them then, either,” continuing the hilarity by lowering his head, shielding his face while peeking up, as if on the wrong side of a beat-down. “Meowww! Woof, woof, woof! Meowww! Woof, woof!” soon clasping their aching jaws, trying unsuccessfully to control themselves.

As the brilliant sun went down and the glow of the moon peeked over their beloved, enchanting wilderness, the meaningful banter came to an end.

I hope the vicious timber wolves don’t travel a route that brings them into Catdom,” Sateer stated, head slightly lowered, paws shuffling involuntarily, avoiding Omar’s steady eye contact and raised eyebrows. He knows me too well. His skepticism shows. If those vicious timber wolves stumble into Catdom, we will give them a small taste of what their careless ways have led them into. He knows.

With a fond farewell, the two majestic leaders, canine and feline, scampered away, gradually topping speeds that would get them home in record time.

I didn’t mention bringing the cats into K-9 Town. That proud, excitement seeker would never agree to it. He’d look at it as a show of weakness. He’ll be assembling his furry forces and putting a battle strategy in place as soon as he reaches home, hoping Shocka Din will “drop by” on his way to K-9 Town.

It’s up to me to make sure that doesn’t happen!


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