Episode Ten – The Seers Plan

Wonder what they’re up to?” Bennie Ba yelped, ambling along.

Don’t know. Guess we’ll find out soon enough, though… Stay back, or they’ll see us!” Thor grunted.

We gotta be careful how we put it to him, Granny. You know Omar, he’ll wanna keep us out of it altogether,” Rasta Mama muttered as they moseyed on, planning their strategy.

They eyed him coming their way, flashing the big smile that always greeted them. Unlike the rest of their K-9 Town family, behind Omar’s smile were mysteries they would never unfold. Once, they slipped him one of their strongest potions. It had no effect. “I know what you did,” he scolded. Then, as usual, his tone softened as they cowered before him, awaiting forgiveness… “Don’t do it again.”

Omar spotted the two Seers. He was always glad to see them. His smile abruptly diminished, and his wide eyes narrowed, noticing the intensity of the Seers stares. Somethins wrong… He picked up his pace, until they came face to face.

Great Dane Granny wasted no time. Head tilted upward, searching for unseen demons that may have escaped,” she yelped, “I cast away the evil spirits that followed ‘em here. But it still leaves that savage timber wolf Shocka Din, for us to git rid of.”

Leaning forward with squinted eyes, Rasta Mama yowled, “My vision showed they’re planning to destroy us all, but don’t worry, we can handle ‘em. You recall the potion we used to show those mountain lions a thing or two? We made some more! We’ll be tuffer than ten Shocka Dins. Me and Granny here ’ll wipe ‘em out. You and our pack ain’t gotta lift a paw,” the feisty go-getter grimaced, peering over at Granny for support.

Granny took her cue. “That’s right. We’ll let you know when we finish wit ‘em!”

Head lowered, shifting from side to side, eyes closed, Omar pondered his response. Lifting it, he grimaced, noticing Thor and Bennie peeking through surrounding bushes, their quivering bodies holding in the chuckles.

Don’t know what we’d do without your protection,” he began. “But you gotta think this out. The pack ain’t gonna like you handling everything yourselves—leavin ‘em out. And what about the other animals ‘round here? They gonna think we afraid of ‘em when they see you doin all the fightin. You don’t want that.”

The Seers glared at each other, then back at Omar. “Nooo!” They turned and strode off. “We’ll be back… Don’t you fret none… We’ll think of somethin.”

Omar glanced at Thor and Bennie as they spun to follow. Gazing back at him, they nodded straight-faced approval of his clever responses. Narrowed eyes and low murmurs signaled their intent to keep the Seers safe.

They had gone a short distance when the Seers stopped. “Show yourselves, you two. We got work to do!” Rasta Mama called out.

Heads bowed, displaying impish grins, Thor and Bennie sauntered towards the Seers.

Knew it was just a matter of time ‘fore they fetched us in. Can’t pull nothin on ‘em. They got gifts,” Bennie muttered.

I was waiting on proof!” Thor declared. “But I know when to git serious. Those two old dogs ain’t no joke. Can’t say I ain’t having a good time though—all this going on.”

Omar grinned, gazing at the departing foursome. Look at ‘em actin like that. Everything’s funny… Still the best ones to watch out for those two tricky potion makers. Don’t get no tuffer than Thor and Bennie.

Granny and Rasta Mama led the watchdogs to their den. When they arrived, rushing in, Granny barked, “Wait out here. We’ll be right back!

Uh oh.” Bennie growled, his hackles rising, “Get ready Thor.”


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