Episode Thirteen – Shocka Takes a Walk

Shocka Din’s long easy stride brought him closer to his destination sooner than expected. Might be foolish running around here by myself knowing a big ornery branch might womp me from behind or come at me from the front, or some creature I never saw before might jump out from somewhere, but I need to find out about this place. I don’t wanna be distracted is why I’m alone. I’m starting from the beginning—It started just about here—What’s that!

He dashed over to a row of fluttering bushes in time to see several small furry bodies scurry away. Hackles raised, eyes squinted, and ears perked he spotted little heads peeking out from behind the trees further on.

There’s lots of ‘em. Wonder what they’re up to? Gonna attack me or what? If they do, I’ll make ‘em regret it.

They leaped from trees, sprung from underbrush, and filled in the paths ahead and behind him. He stood surrounded, in a wilderness alive with meowing cats.

Teeth bared, snarling, Shocka whirled around then donned his most threatening stance. He let out a howl that rocked the forest. About to pounce, he stopped abruptly when…

Meowww! It was as loud and menacing as the wolf’s battle cry.

Eyes darting, he searched for the cat able to produce such an earsplitting screech…The one he sought.

Gliding down from the trees, his fur glistening in the sun, a tawny Siamese cat landed gracefully on the forest floor. Ignoring the wolf’s snarl, he purred: “I’m King Cat Sateer. You came alone, so you’re looking for something, and you were courageous when your downfall appeared at hand. What happens next is up to you!”

Howling their loyalties—answering their leader’s call—the timber wolves were coming. 

With stiff, upright stances, hissing cats listened to the calls of the wild as they awaited Sateer’s command.

His next howl echoed throughout, but its tone was different than the first. Shocka peered down at Sateer, sneering, a low growl. “I came in peace. There will be no bloodshed today.”

The bold feline leader returned the wolf’s glare. “Then I will enlighten you… Heed my words. You and those that blindly follow you, are finding things different than any place you’ve been. We live in peace here because we respect each other and have formed truces that we dare not break. There are forces that you haven’t yet stumbled upon… I foresee that you will not leave this land though your fates are not clear to me. Your every move is being watched, and while your bravery shines through you’re considered easy prey. Now you should go. Your pack awaits you. You came in peace… leave in peace.”

Their eyes locked as Shocka pondered Sateer’s assertions for a long moment, then without a word, he turned and sprinted off.

For a while, thought I was gonna fight my way outta there. That Sateer is mighty sure of himself. Didn’t much like what he had to say, but there was truth in it ‘cept when he said we won’t be leavin’ here… Been feelin’ eyes on us, and when five of my wolves came back to camp all beat up from two old dogs walloping ‘em, it was time to get some answers. Don’t know how that cat knew I was comin’, but I got a hunch he knew… Sateer ain’t no ordinary cat. Ain’t nothin’ ordinary about this place.


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