Episode Twelve – The Seers Mischief

Striding along, Omar Blue advanced on Shocka Din’s camp just in time to hear him blurting out orders to his followers. I wonder what happened to get him so riled. As he looked around to get a better idea of their numbers, he noticed four distinct figures crouching on the outskirts. He sighed. Can’t say I’m surprised to see ‘em. Granny and Rasta Mama can be mighty persuasive. Add Thor and Bennie’s fearless love for excitement, it’s a good thing I came this way. I’ve gotta commend Major Diggs putting them together. Makes it easy for me. Not gonna interfere, but if they run into trouble I’ll be there.

* * *

The two Seers and their watchers listened with perked ears.

Did you hear what he told them, Granny?” Rasta Mama murmured.

Yep. They’ll be lookin’ fer trouble.” She glanced over at Bennie and Thor. “Come along you two.”

Rising, then stretching their nimble bodies, they made meaningful eye contact, and followed obediently.

Wonder what they’re up to?” Thor mumbled.

Bennie snorted. “Whatever it is, we’ll be there.

The younger canines ran at top speed, then kept a short distance between them. 

Thor huffed, “How are they keeping this pace? Where you think they’re going?” The answers came when the Seers sighted several of Shocka Din’s followers.

Look! Some dogs! Get behind those bushes over there,” a burly wolf growled. “Grab ‘em when they pass. We’ll make examples of ‘em.”

The Seers’ observed the wolves’ movements. “They’re gonna jump us,” Granny whispered. “Git ready… Now!” They leaped.

We ain’t bothering you! We just sittin’ here,” a shocked, cowering wolf managed to sputter, while swift movements, precision, and magical strength engulfed them.

Sit on this!” Rasta Mama barked, paws swinging, delivering powerful blows to more than one flinching wolf before they could counter the assault.

And this,” Granny roared, hurdling a wide-eyed wolf, while raking its fur with overgrown claws.

Ooow!” he thundered, snapping viciously, connecting with nothing but air as Granny swerved beyond reach.

The wolves’ screeching filled the wilderness as pure rage countered their every move.

Don’t let up on ‘em,” Rasta Mama yelped.

Let’s get outta here,” a baffled wolf howled, bending awkwardly to dodge further pummeling.

The fight’s already gone out of ‘em,” Granny snarled. “They’re wastin’ our time. Let ‘em go get some help!”

Waving the beaten timber wolves on, the battling duo backed away. “That’ll show ya,” Rasta Mama wailed while they headed towards the awe-struck sideliners.

Frozen stares and dropped jaws were all Thor and Bennie could offer.

They deserved every bit of it! Thought we didn’t see ‘em!” Great Dane Granny ranted.

Let ‘em tell Shocka Din what the two oldest dogs in Omar’s pack did.” Rasta Mama thundered. “Let’s go boys!”

Chuckling and reliving what they’d witnessed, they soon noticed the Seers’ energy waning. The exertion was taking its toll.

Something’s wrong,” Bennie woofed.

I see it. They need to rest.”

The anxious watchers insisted the Seers stop by pretending to be tired themselves. “Ain’t hard to see why they need watchin’. We gotta do better though. Can’t let ‘em fool us again,” Thor grunted woefully.

Neck craned, eyes squinted, Omar watched. Like Bennie and Thor, he stood mesmerized. But he knew there would be a price to pay. It wasn’t long before the penalty became clear. They’re slowing down. Bennie and Thor noticed it. Looks like they’re makin’ ‘em rest. He ran to them.

Neither said a word as Omar went directly to the elders. “How are you?” he asked, studying the two.

We’re fine,” the Seers murmured in unison.

Didn’t mean to worry you,” muttered Granny.

Taking the lead at a slow gait—feigning vigor—the Seers frowned, pondering the inevitable scolding from the females when they returned to K-9 Town.

Omar sighed. “As long as Shocka Din and the others are here, those two are gonna need close watching.”

Gazing downward, Bennie and Thor stood with slumped shoulders.

They’re okay,” Omar consoled. “They can’t ignore their gifts. It’s what they are… Bet you wouldn’t have missed that for all the fish in the lake.” He chortled, moving between the two, nudging one, then the other as they moseyed on.

Thor and Bennie perked up. The three howled every detail of the one-sided beatdown for the rest of the trek, ready to share every bit of it with the pack.

* * *

They had to be the oldest, meanest dogs I ever saw,” yelped an aching wolf, breaking the silence as they went. Where’d they come from anyway? We can’t tell Shocka about it! Then again, y’all think this is what he meant, saying tell him about anything we see that we ain’t ever seen before?”


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