Foreign Exchange by John C. Mannone

gold mineral with a bit of light shining on it

Foreign Exchange
John C. Mannone

They came with their promises
of a better life, a better world.
So we exchanged our resources
for their technology, medicines.
At least for a while until we saw
their true intentions. Slavery
is never good for the oppressed.
We began to disappear without
explanation. They simply smiled.
So we rebelled, we would prefer
to die than be seduced as captives
or commodity. They lost their taste
for us, rebellion must have soured
our savor. And so they finally left.
Their spaceships en masse lifted
off our soil in a high-pitched hum.
The people rejoiced once again.
But I stayed in my cave, hidden,
and watched the aliens flare in
the light of our sun, a bright flash
of lightning a farewell to us. I saw
our cities incinerate in that golden
laser glow, the rivers overflowed
red with blood.


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