Great YouTube Channels for Geeks by Eric S Brown

There are a seemingly endless number of YouTube channels that cover everything from gardening to prepping for the apocalypse. Among this sea of topics are some standout channels for people who love comics, SF, and horror. There are many, many channels that cover the state of the comic book collecting market. Swagglehaus Comics is certainly if not the best, one of the best. The information it provides on sales data is second to none. “Swaggle” also uses graphs and other tools to show you exactly how the data is measured and to help you easily understand it. In addition, breaking news in the collecting world such as the recent CGC scandal is featured as well.

Battlestar Collectica is a channel devoted entirely to collecting memorabilia from the TV series. As hard as it might be to believe, yes, there are still a great deal of diehard BSG fans out there. It provides tons of information on what the rarest and most sought after collectibles are as well delving into the production history behind them.

The Horror Geek is a channel not only devoted to horror films, but the level of gore featured within each film. With a “barf bag” rating system, the Horror Greek tells you just how sick a film featured on the channel actually is. An episode normally runs close to twenty minutes and includes a humorous “walk through” of the movie being discussed. The only drawback to this channel is that only a single episode is released each week.

These three channels are all top notch for their fields/genres and worthy of being checked out if they deal with something you’re interested in.


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