Immortal Hulk: Apocrypha by Eric S Brown

The 11th and final Immortal Hulk trade paperback titled Apocrypha lives up to its
name. The book collects all the one-shots and specials that featured the Immortal Hulk
before the character was again revamped by new writers at Marvel. Overall, the Immortal
Hulk series itself was a mix of high highs and low lows. It certainly wasn’t a title for every Marvel fan. It dealt with very adult issues, and the Hulk was in one of his most monstrous periods. That said, Apocrypha, in its own way, is a sampling of the best of Immortal Hulk. The issues included in it come from various points through the run of the series and capture the essence of what Immortal Hulk was meant to be without getting bogged down by the depths of the series’ overall story.
In Apocrypha, the Immortal Hulk encounters the Defenders, goes up against Carnage, deals with the events of the King in Black, and the book also provides a fantastic She-Hulk tale as Jennifer deals with realizing that she, too, is immortal. Even if you’re not a fan of the Immortal Hulk era for the character, this book is likely still worth picking up in order to have a better understanding of the character and his world during that time without having to invest the time to check out the entire series.


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