Letter to a Perfectly Imperfect Kid by Junseo Lee

Raise your hand to ask for water. It won’t make
much of a difference, but at least you won’t
throw up in front of that Chinese kid. Whatever
you did in middle school won’t matter to anyone
but you and everyone who saw what you did, so
try not to screw up too badly. Remember—
everyone regrets 7th grade, but not as much as
you. Go outside more. Explore the house. In
fact, just learn how to ride a bike. Please. Don’t
get scared of your foot getting caught in the
wheels again, that was a one-time thing. Learn
how to ride the bike. Don’t eat as much, but eat
some more. Don’t trust grandma when she says
you’re skinny—you’re definitely not. If you really
want to focus on something, then focus on
focusing less. Close up your Youtube windows
and focus on studying whatever textbook you
should be reading. You’ll get a whole lot more
work done and have a whole lot more fun. Don’t
bother with cursive—it’s cool, but nobody even
writes anymore. But do try to keep writing.
When it comes down to it, you’ll find something
you’re good at. But don’t make it be math.
Choose something else. Everyone’s already
good at math. Don’t leave that $30 tip for that
Olive Garden waiter in Maryland. It all goes to
his boss anyways. Worry a bit more about what
other people think of you. But you gotta realize
the only way to do that is to care less. I know it’s
confusing, and by the time you get here it’ll still
be just that, but at the end of the day, if you
need to remember one thing, remember
this—it’s no fun to be someone else, but
definitely don’t just be yourself. You’ll still be
imperfect, but the least you could do is have fun
doing it.

About the Author

Junseo Lee is a dedicated high school student at Seoul International School in Seoul, South Korea. He has a passion for writing and is currently compiling a portfolio of published literature to continue developing his craft. With an unbridled enthusiasm for the written word, Junseo hopes to continue exploring different styles and techniques while writing stories and poems with a touch of universality and human connection.

Instagram: @jlee32145


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