ode to the painting of a mother by Isabella Jia Dunsby

a basin of persimmon balancing 
on her head; a ribbon tying 
her hair back; patterned with cherry
blossoms. a silk white jeogori 
exposing her swollen lower
breasts; red cloth strapping
a baby to her back; one hand 
twisted behind her, holding
him. the strain
in her cheeks as she holds
her face together. this painting is
in storage, at my mother’s house.
i wonder what she saw in it.

About the Author

Isabella Jia Dunsby is a poet from Seoul, South Korea. She has been previously published in Apprentice Writer, Polyphony Lit, and Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine. She enjoys jazz music and taking walks with her dog, Lily.

Find her at: poemsforpatients.com


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