Organism 46B by Richard Stevenson

Organism 46B
Richard Stevenson

Organism 46B?!
What kinda moniker
is that for a lithe
querulous cryptid
who bumped his noggin
to break ice in Siberia?
I’ve scarfed enough
intrepid trappers
who braved chilly temperatures
to discover me.  The least
the survivors could do
is give me a decent name!
What?! Just cos it’s cold
and I live in Lake Vostok,
refused a fish hook or three,
preferred to stay under the ice
and hang near a thermal vent,
I didn’t make a dent in history?
Could have been a contender!
The equal of any Ogopogo,
Nessie, Shuswaggi, or Champ!
Shoulda just chomped the legs off
one of your intrepid aquanauts
and said I didn’t!  Who blows?!
Not this fourteen-tentacled
squid-like behemoth, babe!
I did my part just stayin’ out of sight
of yer scurvy lot.  Coulda scarfed
the lot of you fur-swaddled hominids
and spit out the bones!  Man the phones!
Set the record straight. Organism 46B
oughta have a name consistent
with his badass behaviour at least!
Not Vostok Vegan or Vossie –
something a little more defiant …
nasty or bossy … Vinnie Vostok maybe?


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