Power Man and Iron Fist: Heroes for Hire by Eric S Brown

The seventies was a time of diversity and exploration for Marvel Comics in terms of the genres they published. Luke Cage, aka Power Man, premiered during this time. He was a street hero despite having powers that put on the level of the Avengers. With nearly impenetrable skin and super strength several times that of Spider-Man’s, Power Man protected the streets and the poor who often got overlooked by other heroes. Iron Fist also premiered in this time. Danny Rand, one of the top martial artists of the Marvel Universe, left the ancient city of K’un-Lun and returned to America. In addition to his martial arts, Danny could summon a massive energy into his fist which could deliver a blow powerful enough to knock out heroes as tough as the Thing from the Fantastic Four with a single strike. Both Power Man and Iron Fist began in their own comic titles but they were soon combined with the Iron Fist title being canceled and Power Man issue 50 being released as Power Man and Iron Fist.

Power Man and Iron Fist certainly seem worlds apart. Luke being poor and raised on the streets while Danny is a rich, white boy though completely out of touch with the current world having devoted years to learning nothing but martial arts in K’un-Lun. Yet, somehow, they become fast friends, as close as brothers. Together, they create Heroes for Hire, a company through which they hire themselves out as security guards, investigators, and problem solvers.

While Power Man and Iron Fist isn’t a book for everyone given its focus on low level crime, the series stands out as perhaps the best “buddy cop” style title ever published in the world of comics.


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