Quidditch by Rain Hall-Brown

Rain Hall-Brown

In the game of Quidditch, there are seven players on each team and three types of balls that are used: the Quaffle, two Bludgers, and the Golden Snitch. Each team is broken down into three chasers, two beaters, one keeper, and one seeker. The chasers try to get the Quaffle through the loops that belong to the other team and each time they do, a point is scored. They are what people watch most in the game as they are in constant motion trying to score as many points as they can. The Keeper is like a goalie who tries to stop them from getting those points which is not an easy job as there are six loops total for each team which the Keeper has to attempt to protect.The Beaters try to hit the Bludgers into the members of the other team, trying to knock them off their brooms so that they aren’t able to score points and are taken out of the game. And the Seeker tries to spot and catch the tiny, super fast Golden Snitch. Usually the team that catches the Snitch wins because doing so it worth one hundred and fifty points.

Harry Potter loved Quidditch because he was a natural at the game and it allowed him to feel like he fit in at Hogwarts. Quidditch gave him a chance not to be seen just as the Chosen One or someone who grew up in the Muggle world. He could be himself playing the game and forget about being famous or feeling like an Outsider. The first Golden Snitch Harry Potter ever caught in a game, he swallowed and then coughed up but it still let his team win the game. It’s a very funny scene both the book and movie.

I like Quidditch because because the teams compete for the Qudditch Cup and it would be a very fun game to play. Zipping around in the sky on a broom would be very exciting. I don’t like the people in the Harry Potter books who cheat to win if they think the Ref isn’t lookingto catch them.


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